How to Fish For Business Leads

The network marketing industry is a vast ocean filled with all manner of business opportunities. There are many boats on the water looking for the right fish to find that will bring them to their final destination – financial freedom. Unfortunately, the fish do not know how to catch anything. Generating business leads is a true craft mastered by those who know how to fish and how to be caught.

Really two things are happening. One, the fisherman do not know how to fish, because they do not know what they are fishing for, yet. The fisherman being the opportunity seeker. The entrepreneur does, but the fresh opportunity seeker is new to the water. Second, the fish do not know sometimes how to catch the fisherman. Weird, huh?

True though. The fish are those with business opportunities already, who want to be caught by the seeking fisherman. You’d think that by jumping out of the water and screaming, “Join our team!” they would recruit the fisherman, but…. it doesn’t happen. Why, because the fish give no reason for the fisherman to catch him. Would you catch something that jumped out of the water and screamed at you? Point well taken, I hope!

Somehow, the fish have to figure out how to attract the fisherman in their direction. The fish have to learn the market. They have to discover why these people are in fishing boats and what they are looking for and become what they are looking for. They do not want junk fish, they want fish that can feed their families, and be sold on fishing stands at a great price.

These fisherman are in the waters to make a business out of their time at sea. I know I am being metaphorical here, but, you see the point. You cannot just jump out of the water and say, “hook me, I am your answer!” If they hook you it is because you offered something to them that had value, and would fulfill their quest. Otherwise you will remain in the frustrated waters that possess no leads.

Too many times we in the business waters become a storm to the poor fisherman that is looking for his catch of the day. The last thing we want to be is a storm on the horizon. If they see and hear that same old song and dance, they will avoid the approaching storm at all costs. What we want to be is a star in the sky that can be used for guidance. What markers do the fisherman use to navigate to where they want to go?

Are you that fish? So how do you attract the fisherman to fish in your waters. There are great learning tools you can glean from that will open your understanding a bit and help you know how to generate endless leads to you. I mean the type of training that sits you down and says, lets learn the concept of fishing all over again until we get it right. I wonder if you can take this type of training? Feel free to visit our site for more info.