Common Problems That Water Filters Can Fix

If you have noticed any problems with your home or business water supply, a water filter will be able to fix them in most cases, providing you with an endless supply of clean drinking and cleaning source. But what are some of the common problems that people require water filters for?

  • Water filters can be used to reduce the presence of sediments, such as dirt, silt and clay. This can cause the liquid to appear cloudy or hazy.
  • High levels of iron, which can cause a metallic taste to the water. You may also notice reddish-brown stains on porcelain fixtures, that water turns a reddish-brown color when it is heated or used in cooking, or that your clothing becomes discolored when washed.
  • Water filters can be used to remove chlorine, which is generally added as a disinfectant. It can cause a bad taste or smell in water, as well as irritating skin. If you notice green stains on porcelain fixtures, or that your water has a blue-green tinge to it, it may have a high carbon dioxide content that is reacting with brass or copper pipes and fittings.
  • High sodium content can cause a salty or brackish taste that can easily be removed with a filter.
  • Water filters can be used to remove black spots or a rotten egg smell that is caused by sulfur, sulfate, or sulfide gas being present in the liquid.
  • If there is an alkali taste to your water, this could be due to the presence of minerals with a high content of alkali. You may also notice that your aluminium cookware becomes stained when washed.
  • Water that feels hard when coming out of the tap may contain calcium and magnesium salts. You may also notice scum in your basins and whitish deposits in your appliances if this is the case.

A water filter is also ideal for reducing the effects of corrosion on your plumbing, appliances and fixtures, meaning that they will last longer and will not need to be replaced as often.

If your liquid of life has an unpleasant smell, taste or even texture, a filter will go a long way to removing these impurities and supplying you with clean and great tasting water. These water filters can be installed as point of use filters, underneath the taps of your choice, or as whole-house filters that will clean the water for your entire house.